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I am an artist, working on illustrations, and I put my artwork/designs/illustrations on my products, BUT would like my artwork on products that I do not "manufacture". My name is Kristie Hubler, and I own Fabricated Frames. I design and sell fabric-covered: photo frames, albums, pins, ornaments, wedding items, as favors and place cards, memo boards, covers for books, binders, albums, spiralbound notebooks

I put my own designs, my artwork, on my products, and little by little, am becoming successful. I was taken in by a company, who will act as my licensing agent for my products, for manufacturing. That is one entity, taking me under their wing. I want as many licensees as possible. Some are negotiable for exclusivity, other images may..not be, for non-exclusivity.

View my site at www.fabricatedframes.com

Genres I love:

interior design, berries, animation, renderings, perspective drawings

safari/zoo animals, to a degree, because I'm good at drawing them


ethnic modern of today, from developing countries

Scandinavian, modern country designs


cool colors like lavender/iris/periwinkle/orchid/magenta/blue-violet/red-violet/cool white/ivory black

warm colors like yellowy greens, yellow ochre, pumpkin, rust, tuscan red

french gray/limestone

I work in acrylic, colored pencil, and marker. Sometimes, on occasion, I use watercolor. I do this on- brace yourself- xerox paper. Why? I do it that way, because I work out of my house, and I can't keep big canvases around here, so I have to have something manageable, and I do so by drawing, rendering, illustrating on xerox paper, and filing it a notebook, using acid-free sheet protectors. :)

I then scan the image, then print the image on "treated" fabric (Bubble Jet Set 2000- great on cotton, silk, and not to shabby on polyester satin!), using my inkjet printer.

Let me know if you are interested in taking me on as a licensor. I belong to License! magazine's group of subscribers, and I also belong to TheArtofLicensing@yahoogroups.com

Thank you! Kristie Hubler www.fabricatedframes.com 856-232-9619


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If you don't see anything on my site that fits the idea you have in mind, or you don't see your color, that's ok, email me, and we'll find a way of making it.  I do custom products in fabric all the time!  If you don't see it, it doesn't mean that I can't make it.  lol

I take Paypal, and you can email me any Paypal payments, as well.  Just email me at fabricated_frames at yahoo dot com

Check or money order, payable to Kristie Hubler, thank you.  I use US postal service, 1st class with tracking confirmation receipt (a copy of the tracking confirmation receipt and shipment receipt is scanned and emailed to you the day that it's sent out), priority mail, or express (within reason for the express service), or UPS ground.

Bubble wrap, clear poly bags, Scotchgard -ing are included with all fragile non-bendable or brooch orders, unless a bubble padded envelope is neccessary, for home linens, and bendables.

Thank you! 
Kristie Hubler

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