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Favorite links LOTS of RIBBON ROSES, and ribbon leaves, HANDMADE, HAND-SEWN and hand-sewn and glued to satin photo frames, that are also handmade and hand-sewn. Also ribbon roses and leaves on fabric brooches, that are washable. Scroll down to the bottom for the price list.
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I offer custom designs, and custom artwork!

Or if you have fabric, even clothes that you want salvaged, turned into something else, let's talk!

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Below, you are images of my work for this page catagory, just click on the photo to enlarge it and view descriptions, and close ups- thank you!


With satin photo frames

-All handmade, hand sewn, sewn and glued to fabric photo frame

All handmade, sewn and glued With or without ribbon leaves

You pick the colors

At jkmribbon.com

Or acmoore.com


Frame for 2.5x3.5" photo 27 ribbon roses and leaves) RIBBON ROSES washable fabric sewn photo frame for 2.5x3.5" photo, 3/4" ffb 2x3" pw


shipping $2.00

pick color(s)
ribbon leaves or no leaves

Frame for 4x6" photo (49-55 ribbon roses and leaves) RIBBON ROSES washable fabric sewn photo frame for 4x6" photo, 1" ffb, 4x6" pw



shipping $3.00

pick color(s)
ribbon leaves or no leaves

Frame for 5x7" photo (63-70 ribbon roses and leaves)

RIBBON ROSES solid washable fabric sewn photo frame for 5x7" photo, 1" ffb 4.75x6.75" pw



shipping $4.00

pick color(s)
ribbon leaves or no leaves

Frame for 8x10" photo 90-123 ribbon roses and leaves) RIBBON ROSES solid washable fabric sewn photo frame for 8x10" photo, 1" ffb, 7.75x9.75" pw


$80.00 shipping $5.00

pick color(s)
ribbon leaves or no leaves

Wedding favor/place card wallet size 2.5x3.5" photo

RIBBON ROSES FAVOR solid washable fabric sewn photo frame for 2.5x3.5" photo, 3/4" ffb, 2x3" pw

Satin frame base, personalization $2 extra



shipping $2.00

Frame for 4x6" photo is great for table number display frames at showers, receptions, and events

Frame for 5x7" photo is great for displaying your wedding invitation

Instructions to make ribbon roses $3 on cd

$1 shipping


-included: photo step by step that you can print out, video step x step in .mov files, all on cd, with case

Frame for 11x14" photo 150-175 ribbon roses and leaves)

RIBBON ROSES solid washable fabric sewn photo frame for 11x14" photo, 1" ffb, 10.75x13.75" pw



Shipping $10.00

You can have these personalized for your event with your name(s) and the event date, on acid-free paper, printed in the colors and font style you like, OR names and date printed on the fabric. We can get a red rubber stamper made with your name and date layout for $40, you keep it, or the clear stamp for $30, and a coordinating ink pad color.for $1-5 per color. Printing on fabric is $2 extra per frame

Ribbon roses photo frames are handmade, sewn and washable. Just place in a lingerie bag, in the washer on the cold water delicate cycle, and then keep in the lingerie bag, and place the frame in the dryer on the lowest heat temperature setting, for 10-15 minutes, and then air dry. I've washed them

It takes me a good day to make ONE 2.5x3.5" ribbon roses frame, ONE day to make JUST the ribbon roses for the 4x6" and 5x7" photo frames, and another to make the frame, and sew on the ribbon roses to the frame. And at least 2 days for the 8x10" frame, to make the ribbon roses, and another 2 days to make the frame, and sew and glue the ribbon roses onto the frame

The ribbon roses count depends on the size width of ribbon I use, and how long the ribbon I use, and how big I make the leaves. The wider the ribbon for the roses, the bigger the rose, the less quantity I need to make

If you do not want the ribbon leaves, please let me know, and we'll just use more ribbon roses

I hope to expand into making other ribbon and fabric flowers, soon

acmoore.com Where I got the lavender and pink ribbons for the ribbon roses

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