Mother, a beautiful word, meaning undying love,

An angel in disguise, sent from heaven above,

To sing you asleep with a rock-a-bye song,

And guide you and teach you the right from the wrong.

It's your Mother, who followed you all through the strife,

Down through the valley of death, she went to give you life.

Like a storm tossed bark, she was cast on the shore,

But with you safe in her bosom, her troubles were over.

She watched over your step as you started to crawl,

Yes, watched every step, lest you might fall,

And, be she on earth, or in heaven above,

You can never repay her for all of her love.

She's a hero of heroes, she's my Mother mine,

Was there ever and angel or jewel half so fine?

She's with you when troubled, she's with you when glad,

She's the best of best pals that man ever had,

And when the world is against you, little girl, & your down in the dregs of life,

Mother's arms are always open, through all your struggles and strife.

She comforts and caresses you & welcomes you to the fold again,

As she reminds you that the sunshine always follows the rain.

Mother, word of all words, no other can ever take her place,

Memories, yes, everyone has them, of toil worn hands, yet a beautiful face.

Wanderer, murderer, drunkard, or thief,

She loves you just the same, though her head's bowed with grief.

You're the heart of her heart, and the soul of her soul,

With countless tears, and shortened years, she paid the heavy toll.

As I place this wreath upon her grave and pray,

Memory takes me back to the happy yesterday,

When I too, had a Mother, just like you,

But didn't appreciate her as I now do.

And to you, that are blessed with a Mother,

Think! After you lose her, you can never get another.

So respect and obey her, give her all of your love,

Until the angels come and take her to heaven above.

Follow her advice and follow it in every way,

And, if you do, then you'll surely meet her again on Judgment Day.

Frank Capano, Sr.

Copyright 1938 by Frank Capano, Sr.

With expressed permission by Anthony Capano

This is a poem, written by Frank Capano, Sr., whose son, Tony owns the rights to Bill Haley and the Comets' "Rock Around The Clock"

It IS one of THE MOST important songs in Rock and Roll history, as well as those important during the Big Band era.

His son, Tony, asked me to create a design that relates to this poem, in greeting card and picture frame form.


Greeting cards

Picture Frame and Wall Art

*Greeting card will be on a 5.5" x 8.5" card, vertical, white card stock, with envelope.

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Poem written by Frank Capano, whose son, Tony is owner of the rights to "Rock Around The Clock"

Illustrations/ artwork/ designs by Kristie

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