Please go to the wholesale page, once you've emailed me your tax id, to see wholesale prices, with the id and password login that I will give you, in a reply. Email me at to get the id and password, IF you qualify as a wholesaler, retailer or buyer / merchanside manager / purchasing agent, giving me your Federal tax ID number, below.

Go to the wholesale link and you then see, "Invalid Login. Please login to access this page." And with the user name and password that I will email you, after you supply me with your tax id number, you will input the username and password, then click on the "Login" button.

Fabricated Frames WHOLESALE order form- fill in the boxes below OR on ORDER FORM, read the page carefully, and sign and date it in the boxes.


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I understand and agree to the terms of the wholesale agreement below, between us and Fabricated Frames / Kristie Hubler, by filling in the form on this page, clicking on the Yes button, and filling in the key information for the company that I represent, and my representation of the company, represents that ALL in my company will comply to the agreement between the company that I represent and Fabricated Frames / Kristie Hubler.

NO RETURNS on merchandise! MERCHANDISE CREDIT ONLY, equal to the cost per unit! I am a designer / artist, a craftsperson, who makes the products, that I sell, by hand out of my home. A lot of my products are custom designed per individual request, then become offered here WHOLESALE. The ONLY EXCEPTION FOR RETURNING Fabricated Frames’ products is IF the product was delivered damaged by the SHIPPING COMPANY OR BY AN ACT OF…well, you know. I ALWAYS bubble wrap the products, and each product is put into a poly bag, then bubble wrap and sometimes paper padding is added inside. I cover the box with brown wrap, as well. I ALWAYS get a confirmation tracking receipt from USPS, when I use USPS, or the post office. I can also use UPS or FedEx if you wish, for an extra charge. When I use the post office, I scan my tracking receipt and email the receipt to you that day. ANY returns or merchandise credits MUST BE SENT BACK within 10 DAYS of the date of shipping the items/package! The items do NOT leave my property damaged. I check the items personally, for any marks, even threads that need to be snipped. Full refund for returns given, minus the shipping costs. Full credit is given to the merchandise credit returns, minus the shipping costs. I will send you an invoice for the shipping, for merchandise credit returns, within 10 days of shipping the item again, and payment is due within 10 days of the re-shipping date, as you will get a receipt emailed to you in an attachment.


Deposit of 50% (fifty percent) is due at time of order, when order is placed, emailed or mailed to me. The remaining 50% (fifty percent) is due within 10 days from the date that the item is shipped, again, the shipping receipt and confirmation tracking receipt is emailed to you THAT DAY that the shipment is sent. Otherwise, I take paypal, and I will email you my paypal email address when you email me your order.




Send to: Kristie Hubler / Fabricated Frames

1864 Sunset Avenue

Deptford, NJ 08096

Phone number 856-232-9619

email addresses:




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email form below

I will get back to you as soon as possible!  Fill out the form below and submit it!  Thank you!

If you don't see anything on my site that fits the idea you have in mind, or you don't see your color, that's ok, email me, and we'll find a way of making it.  I do custom products in fabric all the time!  If you don't see it, it doesn't mean that I can't make it.  lol

I take Paypal, and you can email me any Paypal payments, as well.  Just email me at fabricated_frames at yahoo dot com

Check or money order, payable to Kristie Hubler, thank you.  I use US postal service, 1st class with tracking confirmation receipt (a copy of the tracking confirmation receipt and shipment receipt is scanned and emailed to you the day that it's sent out), priority mail, or express (within reason for the express service), or UPS ground.

Bubble wrap, clear poly bags, Scotchgard -ing are included with all fragile non-bendable or brooch orders, unless a bubble padded envelope is neccessary, for home linens, and bendables.

Thank you! 

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