Fabricated Frames- THE frames that you can "FEEL"! "Fabric-covered" photo frames, albums, costume jewelry pins, and ornaments. Also, great for favors at weddings and showers!

These are photo pages (photo pockets) that I can source for you

I can also source the three ringed mechanisms for the albums/binders

I can get the mini max albums, the smaller ones, to cover for you...this one is the book bound type


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Fabric bags for storage

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Ribbon roses on satin frames- very popular!

Ribbon swatches to look at for frames, and other products

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Purchase instructions to make Fabricated Frames' photo frames

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Interested in licensing my artwork or products?

Want to learn how to draw perspectives and renderings?

Poem written by Frank Capano, producer of "Rock Around The Clock"

Illustrations/ artwork/ designs by Kristie

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